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"AOL" Retirement Plan

NB: Our sales team will assist you after submitting the application form. This is not an automated request thus you will not receive an instant reply

Small Steps, Better Future!
Start Saving today to better Enjoy your Golden Age.
AROPE Open Life Plan (AOL) allows you to start saving while you are earning to guarantee a Relaxing & Worry-Free Retirement.
Start Saving today as little as USD 50 per month and benefit from a Guaranteed Rate of Return for 3 Consecutive Years. 
Different Payment Frequencies are available: Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Yearly.

Basic Cover

•  Death: Natural, Accidental or due to Sickness

Optional Covers

•  Total & Permanent Disability due to Sickness or Accident
•  Term Life
•  Waiver of Premium in case of Total & Permanent Disability
•  Additional Benefit in case of Accidental Death or Disability
•  Passive War Risk
•  Terrorism Cover
•  Critical Illness

Eligibility Criteria
•  Applicant Entry Age should be between 18 & 65 Years



Policyholder Age  Basic Cover Monthly Premium Total Premium Settled Available Amount at Retirement Age*
28 Years  $100,000 $100 $48,000 $142,617
33 Years $100,000 $150 $63,000 $165,567
43 Years $75,000 $200 $60,000 $108,463

* Calculated at a Rate of Return 6% and Retirement Age of 67 Years



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