Introducing “AROPE TAKAFUL” Window

Takaful Window from AROPE Insurance

As a leader in its field, AROPE Insurance constantly diversifies its Lines of Business and introduces the new TAKAFUL window to prove furthermore being a trendsetter and to better meet the Lebanese Market’s insurance needs.

This new window is addressed to Customers wishing to have their insurance covers in compliance with the Islamic Religious Law (Islamic "Shariah"), as a viable alternative to the Conventional Insurance.

TAKAFUL Insurance is based on the concept of mutuality. It oversees a pool of funds contributed to all policyholders, and follows, like other TAKAFUL companies around the world, the guidelines of the Islamic "Shariah", including bans on interest, and a prohibition on investing in industries, such as alcohol and gambling.

TAKAFUL is perceived as a Cooperative Insurance upholding the principal of "bearing one another’s burden", and is open to everybody without any restrictions.



Fatwa and Shariah Supervisory Board


AROPE TAKAFUL Window operates under the close supervision of the Shariah Supervisory Board represented by: Sheikh Amine Al Kurdi, Chairman of the Shariah Board, Fatwa Secretary in the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Hussein Al Kheshen, Dean of the Legitimate Estate affiliated to Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah’s institution and Sheikh Wassim Abdul Hafiz AlMzawak, tutor at Dar Alfatwa and head of Fatawa Department

The Principles of TAKAFUL



TAKAFUL policyholders cooperate with each other for their own good.



Mutual Assistance

Each TAKAFUL policyholder pays a subscription (premium) to help the needs of other subscribers in the TAKAFUL Fund.




Responsibility for the losses is incurred by all participants in the Solidarity Fund, without exception.



All products and investments are carried out in accordance with the standards of Islamic Shariah.

AROPE Takaful Window Solutions


Under its TAKAFUL window, AROPE offers a comprehensive array of protection and investment solutions for individuals, SME’s and Corporations:


  • Family Takaful
  • Medical Takaful
  • Motor Takaful
  • Workmen Compensation Takaful
  • Third Party Liability Takaful
  • Property Takaful
  • Marine Cargo Takaful
  • Personal Accident Takaful
  • Money Takaful
  • Hajj & Umrah Takaful
  • Travel Takaful
  • School Liability Takaful

Other Takaful solutions will be launched progressively, to meet the various Customers’ requirements.

Contact details

For more information about AROPE TAKAFUL Window, please contact:

(961 – 1) 905 777 Ext:1037