Safeguard your Quality of Life by considering the Health Protection provided by AROPE Insurance, whether you benefit from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) or not.

Basic Covers

• In-Hopsital Plan covering Agreed Full Network of Hospitals or a Restricted Network of Hospitals operating on the Lebanese Territory

• Different Hospitalization Classes are available to cater for your Needs

Optional Covers

• Diagnostic Tests  (Laboratory, Radiology...)

• Doctors' Consultations

• Prescribed Medications

Additional Free Covers 

• Personal Accident for the Policyholder/Insured aged less than 65 Years

• International Assistance covering Repatriation of the Insured Person(s) to their Country of Residence following Sickness or Death  

• Burial Expenses up to USD 3,000

• Work-Related Accidents covering the Policyholder/ Insured performing an Administrative Profession

Eligibility Criteria   

• Insured Person(s) Entry Age should be between 14 Days and 65 Years

• Insured Person(s) should be Lebanese Citizen(s) or Permanent Resident in Lebanon 

• Families can benefit from Special Discounts & Free Insurance for Children depending on family size