Travel the World Worry-Free!

AROPE Assistance Abroad (AAA), a Travel Insurance & Assistance Plan,

especially designed to provide you with the protection you need to travel in peace.


A. Basic Covers

1) Medical Expenses & Assistance abroad in case of Emergency

2) Assistance to the Insured's Dependent Children and Return to their Country of Residence

3) Emergency Dental Care

4) Transportation or Repatriation of the Insured in case of Illness or Accident

5) Repatriation of the Insured Mortal Remains in case of Death

6) Transportation and Accommodation Expenses for one Family Member in case of 

   Hospitalization of the Insured for more than 5 days

7) Return of Family Member or any person traveling with the Insured to the Country

  of Residence following the Death of the Insured or his Hopitalization for more than 5 days

8) Emergency Return of the Insured to his Country of Residence following Death of a Close Family member

9) Legal Defense 

10) Travel Information Services

11) Dispatch of Urgent Medications

12) Dispatch of Urgent Messages 

13) Loss of Registered Luggage 

14) Delay of Registered Luggage (Over 12 Hours) 

15) Delay in Flight Departure (Over 8 Hours)

16) Trip Cancellation

17) Advance of Funds

18) New Feature >> COVID-19 Cover (for outbound Travelers) up to 75 years old.

B. Optional Cover

Accidents due to Winter and Summer Sports including, Skiing, Swimming,

Jet Skiing and Water Skiing abroad are subject to the Payment of an

additional premium fixed by the company


- Duration:

Policies can be purchased for a specific trip duration starting from 5 days

or up to 2 years maximum, with an unlimited number of trips provided the

stay per trip does not exceed 90 consecutive days.

Geographical Zone:

3 different zones are available depending on your trip destination:

• Zone 1: Europe.

• Zone 2: Worldwide excluding USA & Canada.

• Zone 3: Worldwide.

- Age Limit:

Up to 80 years old.

PS:Group Rates are available. For more information please call 1219

(24/24 Assistance)

Travel Insurance and Assistance Plans:

AROPE Insurance gives you the freedom to choose between 4 Plans

offering the same benefits with different Medical Expenses limits:

• Elite Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD500,000.

• Platinum Plus Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD250,000.

• Platinum Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD100,000.

• Gold Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD50,000 (in conformity with

                    Schengen Visa requirements. 

• Silver Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD25,000.

• Bronze Plan: Medical Expenses up to USD10,000.